woensdag 7 augustus 2013

Skip Spence Skip was playing the Fender Stratocaster during late 1967 / early 196

So I met a fellow last night at Don Quixote's who said he was Moby Grape's last road manager. He said that he had seen Moby Grape perform in their heyday, circa 1967-68. He made a very interesting comment about Skip Spence's contributions to rock. His claim was that Skip was the first musician to get that "metal Strat sound" on his Fender Stratocaster. That nobody had done that before. Moby Grape is considered by a number of rock critics as having been ahead of its time in terms of establishing new parameters for rock music, and in particular for pioneering a heavy rock sound. Skip, I believe, was playing the Fender Stratocaster during late 1967 / early 1968. There are pictures of him with heavy beard and leather jacket playing at shows with the Stratocaster. This was from the 1968 phase, I imagine, when the Grape was most well known nationwide - - and even internationally. (And arguably at the height of its game.) These "Strat comments" mesh rather nicely with Jerry Miller's statements that Skip Spence was the finest rhythm guitarist he has ever played with. Doug

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